Arches Cover 42'' Cold Press By The Foot

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It seems that this premier mouldmade 100% cotton fine art paper has been in the market forever. It has certainly been the standard for all of the other deluxe fine art printmaking grades that followed.

The paper's internal sizing and minimal surface sizing allow it to be dampened (instead of having to be soaked overnight) in preparation for printing. Please take note however that the soaking stage is subjective and obviously follows the specific needs of the artist.

Its ability to print wet, damp or dry and it’s subtle texture make it a versatile sheet for all printmaking techniques. The paper has proven to be very dimensionally stable and will take repeated passes through a hand or automated litho or etching press without showing any cracking near the plate edges.

Although Arches Cover is a paper devoted to the printmaking process, over the years it has won the hearts of pencil, pastel and charcoal artists who favor the rich feel of a soft and supple paper with a modest surface texture.

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