Copperplate 22X30 250Gsm

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Copperplate, from Zerkall, is a paper that is often confused with other papers bearing the same name. The only real similarities, however, are that that they are all "waterleaf" papers, having no internal or external sizing.

This partial rag, neutral pH sheet is mouldmade in Germany and has established itself as one of the premier printmaking papers throughout Europe. The paper has a slight pinkish cast to it with a very defined medium textured surface.

Because of its lack of sizing it does not require soaking before printing and best results are obtained when the paper is either misted or slightly dampened between wet blotters.

As is the case with most supple, textured papers that were specifically designed for the printmaking process "Copperplate" has found a comfortable niche in its suitability for all drawing techniques; graphite, pastel and charcoal. Experience the beauty and feel of a deluxe mouldmade sheet for your next fine work of art.

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