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PRD 301: Design Lab I & PRD 401: Design Lab III

PRD 301: Design Lab I

Focused on users; students respond to a project brief developed by an external partner in conjunction with their studio instructor. Potential partners include companies, non-profit organizations, research institutions, government agencies, etc. In addition to the design work of addressing the given project brief, students interact with the studio partner and target user groups as they develop their proposals. Critical feedback and field research are essential components of this course, in which students learn how real organizations respond to their everyday challenges through design.


PRD 401: Design Lab III

The final studio in the Design Lab sequence is at the intersection of market and social systems. Students respond to a given challenge that is strongly dependent upon defining the right context for the design of innovative products. This context is the broadest possible: one of systems and flows that operates invisibly to bring impactful products to mass markets at the global level. The expertise that the sponsoring partner brings to this class is fundamental in helping students understand how to respond to the challenge at hand and develop a working understanding of the role of the product designer in systems-driven, market ecosystems.

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