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The Up/Start Venture Competition, an initiative of MICApreneurship, focuses on incubating and building creative business ventures within the MICA community.

Working with industry partners, the UP/Start Venture Competition provides mentorship and capital to help nurture venture ideas into sustainable businesses.


A unique take on a group portrait, with each person represented by their birth month flower.


Garden Party Press was founded by designer and illustrator Chelsea Conrad.
All the flowers are drawn by hand digitally, then incorporated into our print builder so that you can co-create a unique print that represents your most cherished relationships. Just as the relationships between people change the dynamics of a group, each print has a unique composition and personality because of the relationships between the shapes and colors of the flowers.
Garden Party Press grew out of a desire to create unique and meaningful gifts that reflect the most important relationships in our lives. Each piece is giclée-printed on museum-quality paper so that it lasts forever as a family heirloom.
Chelsea (Rose) lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her partner Mehmet (Daffodil) and her dog Winnie (Rose).

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