Flat Reed 5/8

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Reed comes from the core of rattan, a vine-like palm that grows on the Malaysian Peninsula and in Indonesia. Processed in China, the core is machine cut into flat, flat-oval, oval-oval, half-round, and round shapes. Reed can be carved, sanded, and stained like any wood product. We always carry the best materials available to us. However, due to varying climatic conditions, minerals in the ground, heavy demand, and primitive cutting conditions, the quality available changes from time to time. Please keep in mind that although commercially available, reed is still a natural product.

Flat Reed is flat on both sides. One side is smooth (right side), & the other side is slightly rougher (wrong side). Chair seats & baskets are woven with the smooth side out. (Usually 1 coil per average size (15" x 15") chair seat is sufficient.) Sold in coils of approximately one pound, weights and lengths will vary (sometimes significantly) from bunch to bunch. (Examples: weight is especially subject to moisture variation - thicker cut means less footage per bundle - longer pieces mean fewer pieces per bundle.)

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