India Watercolor Smooth 22X30 270Gsm

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Most of the fine art papers that are coming from India today are manufactured by hand. For the most part the production of these papers is still considered a “cottage industry” which, in essence, means that these papers are produced by families in their own homes, utilizing equipment that they have either purchased, retooled or made themselves.

After many trips and years of testing, we’re comfortable that our India Watercolor is second to none.

It is a very strong sheet because it is totally produced with a composition comprised of actual cotton rags that are either remnants from the garment industry or medical supply sectors.

Considering that the process is handmade it should be noted that the results of production can vary from making to making, season to season (the monsoon rainy season wreaks havoc in India). It is not uncommon for papers to have variations in weight, size, deckles and color – this is to be expected given the environment in which these papers are produced.

These papers are sized for wet media application as well as ideally suitable for book and journal work. Even though both these papers have sizing for wet media holdout they are surprisingly softer and have a nice supple handle.

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