Moulin Du Roy Rough by the foot

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Moulin du Roy® is a watercolour paper that is manufactured on a cylinder mould. This gives the paper a uniform surface, at the same time as a perfectly natural appearing texture. It's 100% cotton composition makes it both strong and highly absorbent. Its core and surface sizing allows an even pigment distribution that maintains its vibrancy and transparency. Moulin du Roy® is easy to correct (very good touch-up) and is naturally white, acid free and free from optical brightness additives for optimal preservation.


The sheets feature four deckle edges and a watermark, which guarantees their traditional manufacturing. With the larger formats, it is advised to stretch them on a piece of card, a board or a frame using tape or pins.


Rough grain is a very marked grain that is ideal for depicting landscapes or creating relief or depth effects.


640 g/m² paper is particularly stable; it does not warp. It is useful for watercolours that require a lot of water. Heavier and thicker, the paper retains more moisture, allowing paint to dry more slowly. One should be comfortable with wet techniques before using this paper

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