Plywood Sheet RC White Birch 1/4X48X48

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High-quality, veneered construction gives these birch panels the structural strength, precision flatness and aesthetic beauty. The decorative veneers are precision-milled to showcase the beauty of the natural wood. Birch is great for building cabinets, shelving or any project where the finished appearance important. The core is manufactured by alternating the grain direction 90-degrees per layer. This cross-layering method creates exceptionally strong, lightweight and dimensionally stable hardwood plywood with excellent toughness and excellent holding power for screws and nails. Veneers have a smooth finish, perfect for paint or stain and allowing for maximum customization. 

  • Can be cut, drilled, routed, glued, fastened and finished with ordinary woodworking tools
  • Hot-dipped galvanized or stainless-steel fasteners recommended
  • Counter-sinking screws is recommended to maintain a smooth appearance
  • For the cleanest cut, use an 80-tooth or higher table saw blade intended for cutting wood products
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