Sunday Shopping

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Sunday nights are special for Evie and Grandma. That’s when they go on their weekly shopping spree. Grandma flips open the newspaper to see what’s advertised, and the imaginary tour of neighborhood stores begins. Toting a purse filled with colorful pretend bills, Evie and Grandma take turns “buying” whatever catches their fancy. A big chunk of ham, a “Sofa with a Secret,” and a dress with spangles are just a few of the items they “purchase.” Most special of all are the jewelry box Evie chooses for the gold heart necklace Mama gave her before leaving to serve in the army and the bouquet of flowers Evie leaves as a surprise for Grandma.

Overflowing with whimsy and a sweet grandmother-granddaughter relationship, Sunday Shopping is a fun-filled celebration of imagination and family love. Next Sunday, young readers will want to grab some advertisements, snuggle up with their loved ones, and embark on their own shopping adventures.

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